"The Caterpillar Castle" Best Habitat Ever!

Our enclosures are the perfect housing for many types of small animals and plants too.

We designed it, and use it daily to raise thousands of Monarchs....And many other living things as well.

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We have several videos for you to watch and learn about our products. Click links below.

Basic Castle Sizes Video / Greenhouse Castle Video / Sock Video


Small Castle 13" cube Only $11.00 + $3 shipping each.

Large Castle 14" by 14" by 24" Only $15.00 + $4 shipping each.

Sock #1 - 10" by 20"Only $4 + $1 shipping each.
Sock #3 - 39" by 76" Only $22 + $5 shipping each.

Double Loop Sleeve 12" by 32" Only $10 + $3 shipping each.

Pyramid Castle 11" base by 4" top 12 tall" Only $12 + $3 shipping each.

Small castle with Sleeve- 13" by 13" By 13" Only $15 + $3 shipping each.

Large castle with two Sleeves- 14" by 14" by 24" Only $20 + $4 shipping each.


BLACK- Small Castle 13" cube Only $11.00 + $3 shipping each.

BLACK - Large Castle 14" by 14" by 24" Only $15.00 + $4 shipping each.

Wholesale may be availiable for $400+ purchase. Please call with your needs. Prepayment is mandatory.

Wholesale Prices and are discounted for the off season...Buy early before prices go up!

Lets talk about safety for your pets. We have designed this product to offer security from dangers great and small. The world is full of dangers for a small animal; other animals, dangerous plants, bacteria, viruses and people to name just a few. This soft cage offers protection by limiting the contact with each of these dangers and enclosing your pet in a safe, soft, comfortable cube. We have raised many types of pets in these with great success including;


Endorsed for shows to keep your birds safe and isolated from other livestock, possible contaminants, insects and people.

Simple to fold! From 12 inch cube to 5 inch by 2 inch pancake in three seconds.

Buy one for a spare travel cage or to hold an animal while you clean their main cages.

They make great gifts and have limitless uses beyond the best cage ever!

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