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Protective Enclosures and Viewing Chambers
The Caterpillar Castle Best Habitat Ever!
We designed it, and use it daily to raise thousands of Monarchs.


Small Castle 12" cube ALL BLACK COLOR Only $1000.00 Awesome size for up to 10 cats.

Sold Out till 2015Large Castle 13" by 13" by 24" ALL BLACK COLOR Only $1000.00 Perfect for 10-20 cats.

Sold Out till 2015 JUMBO Castle 24" by 24" by 36" Only $1000.00 Perfect for 20-50 cats or flying adults butterflies. Any order placed will be held for new stock or we will offer alternative sizes.

Sold Out till 2015JUMBO Tall Castle 24" by 24" by 72" Only $1000.00 Perfect for cats that eat taller plants or on it's side, enough room for many plants or critters.

Sold Out till 2015 GREENHOUSE Castle 70" by 70" by 70" Only $1000.00 Perfect for lots of cats and their food plants or up to 100 flying adults butterflies. Many uses! We use these to protect ourselves from all sorts of bugs when we are out at night collecting moths. 10 people can get inside of this Greenhouse. Any order placed will be held for new stock or we will offer alternative sizes.


These are awesome cages! Collapsible, lightweight and durable, folds almost flat! Washable, Use 10% bleach to sanitize before reuse. 5 fine mesh sides to promote healthy air flow. One clear vinyl full side window for easy viewing of contents. Large protected zippered opening for easy access. Proven design used to raise thousands of healthy critters. Fine mesh will stop ants, wasps and other nasty predators. Fabric will wick away moisture fast to keep contents dry. Hanging carry loop also holds enclosure closed for storage.

Great for many small animals and a great travel cage too. Two convenient sizes to meet your exact needs. This is a Live Monarch exclusive product! For more information click here for other sizes still available.

These Castles fold flat and store easily in a small space.

NEW Sock Enclosure "The Caterpillar Keeper"


Fine mesh bag with vinyl window and double drawstring with toggles.  Just place over the plant and caterpillars to keep them safe!
Sold Out till 2015 10" by 20" Sock $1000.00  Great size for a few cats.

Sold Out till 2015 20" by 39" Sock $1000.00  Great size for a few dozen cats.

39" by 76" Sock $22.00  Great size to cover a small tree!

Keep your outdoor Caterpillars safe from wasps and from wandering away. An excellent low cost enclosure for displays and easy care. Has a window and two drawstring toggles! Allows you to raise them on the living plant while protecting them even if outside. Also excellent for protecting certain plants from unwanted eating by over anxious caterpillars. Wash / sanitize and reuse over and over and over. Will save 90% of your critters. Used widely in field studies. This is a Live Monarch exclusive product!
This picture shows in use on Sweet Gum tree - Luna Moths inside!
Over a potted plant makes a fast secure enclosure.

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