Live Monarch Foundation "The Monarch" Paraglider 40' Monarch Glider

The Monarch Takes Flight

Keep an eye to the sky and you just might see me.

We have been working for the past two years with the idea of a way to broadcast our message and seed across North America. "The Monarch" is our idea and a world first.



This Video shows a few of the 300+ hours it took to create our flying mascot "The Monarch".

This is the only photo realistic powered paraglider in the world.

One seed of an idea and lots of hard work has created a work of art with a worldwide message: To remember The Monarch and take a moment to plant a seed for our shared future.



This video is our first flight in public 2007.

Watch as if you were there with us.

We will be traveling around North America and just might fly over your community too.

Keep an eye to the sky!



Special thanks to the poweredparagators!


If you would like to see these videos Full SCREEN just click n the You Tube icon in the bottom right of each movie it will reopen the movie on the You tube website, then click the bottom left icon under the movie again and enjoy!

One Seed Can Make A Difference, We Need You To Plant It.

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