Mixed varieties we raise.

Please call for updates on availiabiity

There are many restrictions on which species of butterflies can be shipped to various states.

Unfortunately some pictured below are for Florida only.

If we do not have a favorite butterfly you must have for your event, we will help you locate a fellow breeder that may be able to help you.



Monarchs mating





Black Swallowtail

Black Swallowtail



Gulf fritillary



Pipevine Swallowtail

Pictures coming

Bunch of Butterflies

It is a simple task to create a stunning natural display for your butterfly event.

Just acquire a nice basket and plants to go inside it. Make sure any living plants have not been sprayed with a pesticide. Then take a piece of tool or mesh and wrap a large piece around the base of the plants. Use a rubber band or string to tie the bottom so that butterflies will not fall or get stuck below. Use thin wood strips or wire to make a light form to hold the enclosure's form. then just tie a slip knot around the top of the mesh to close the top. Place the butterflies into the neclosure after it is made through the remaining side slot <overlap of material>.

Enclosure we can provide

We can custom design for you.

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