Life Can be Sweet -How to satisfy a sweet craving without sugar or sweeteners.
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How to satisfy a sweet craving without sugar or sweeteners.

Sugar cravings are a growing problem for most of our world. The new American diet offers calorie dense food with little nutritional value. It has given rise to a population of sugar addicts waiting for the next hit of pharmaceutical grade sugar or modified corn syrup. Neither of these super sweeteners exist in Nature in their commonly sold form. Sugar cane, sugar beets and corn that have been modified and stripped of their natural components of minerals and vitamins. This non-food it is a chemical compound that is very addictive as many scientific studies have proven. There is a good reason why 1/3 of our country's population has blood sugar issues and is in a pre-diabetic state. When 40% of the children of our country are obese and 25% tested show clear evidence of the early onset of Diabetes - a life long debilating disease, there is a clearly a problem.

Nature has many sweet treats that can fully satisfy your cravings. Fresh fruits are the obvious choice for the sweet and healthy combination. But sometimes you need more or the fruit you should be eating is not as ripe or as high a quality as you might prefer. Fruit is a complex food with many flavors, some of these flavors can mask others. Almost all citrus is loaded with sweetness in the form of fructose but it also has sour, bitter and tart flavors as well. What if you could selectively taste the sweet and block the bitter? Well you can! and it is really simple. Miracle Fruit has a special protein that attaches to your taste buds and stops the sour, bitter and tart signals from reaching your brain. This completely safe "Flavor Trip" can last 30 minutes to 2 hours, eliminating the need for SUGAR and artificial sweeteners with their known health effects.

Yes, a lemon tastes sweet after a Miracle Fruit and you control the effect by the amount of time you leave the fruit on your tongue....Here Is how it works: Taste something tart like lemon juice then place a Miracle Fruit on your tongue, chew the pulp from around the large seed. Do not swallow it for at least 30 seconds and swish the pulp around your entire tongue, as the active glyocprotein "miraculin" locks sour receptor tastebuds you will begin to taste a sweet flavor which is the residue of the initial sour lemon juice. When the sweetness reaches your desired flavor level you can expel the seed and swallow the rest. Now your tongue has a greatly diminished ability to detect sour, tart or bitter flavors and the other flavors of foods you will consume for the next 30 minutes to 2 hours will be unmasked... Lemon turns into lemon candy and a whole world of flavor is now ready for you to enjoy.

Please test the benefits for yourself and share this information with those who need officials claim 1 in 3 Americans may be prediabetic. We believe Miracle Fruit should be a valuable addition to your healthy lifestyle, we offer freeze dried fruits, fresh fruits and plants so you can have them whenever you need them.

This is a partial list of good foods to try and their new flavor is sure to please, amaze and satisfy.

sour apple

sweet corn
blue cheese

goat cheese
cottage cheese



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