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Welcome to a place where winners live the sweet life naturally.

There are several excellent reasons to have a Miracle Fruit.

Click on the links below for the simple how to answers...and lots of extra information and ideas. Plants and fruit below.

1. If you crave a sweet treat, you can easily and fully satisfy your craving without adding any sugar or sweeteners...No extra carbs.

2. If you need to regulate your blood glucose, you can do it safely with NO side effects and lessen your dependence on insulin.

3. If you have medication aftertaste from chemotherapy, dialysis or other drug programs, you can reduce or eliminate it.

4. If you are an athlete and need the advantage in a super competitive field, you can go for hours WITHOUT BONKING.

5. If you want to taste food again for the first time and unlock flavors you never knew existed, you can and you will be amazed.

6. If you have a restricted diet, or can only eat very small portions, you can eat more calorically dense foods without fear.

7. If you need to make a sour, tart or bitter food, drink, or medication far more pleasing to consume, we have the answer.

Miracle fruit has been well documented in use for over 300 years with NO known side effects, has been the subject of hundreds of scientific papers and studied by the US military that found it safe to consume 3000 portions per day without any harm. We are the only grower in the world that can boast our quality USA Florida grown plants, and the fact that we use NO pesticides, fungicides or herbicides. We grow with OMRI approved fertilizers and use all natural methods and practices to bring you an ultra premium whole fruit. We hope you try it and share it with your family, friends and those in need. Our store and offerings are below check for special deals. A big THANK YOU from the staff of Live Monarch and our Miracle Fruit Team

Miracle Fruit, Seeds and Plants..........Life Can Be Sweet !

The Miracle Fruit Plant, sometimes known as Miracle Berry, or Magic Berry (Sideroxylon dulcificum/Synsepalum dulcificum) is a plant first documented by an explorer during a 1725 excursion to its native West Africa. It is an evergreen plant that produces small red berries the size of small grapes throughout the year. These fruits have been consumed for hundreds of years with no reported ill effects. Growing instructions click here.

It prefers an acidic well draining soil with 50% sunlight or less as a container plant. It does well indoors and is happy on a windowsill. Easy to care for and slow growing. Few pests and fewer diseases. Prefers high humidity and to be kept warm. Will not tolerate a hard frost.

The berry is slightly sweet, and contains an active glycoprotein molecule called miraculin. When eaten this molecule binds to the tongue’s sour receptor taste buds, causing bitter and sour foods (such as lemons and limes) consumed after to taste sweet. Your sour receptors do not send the sour signal. This effect lasts between thirty minutes and two hours. It is not a sweetener, as its effects depend on what is eaten afterwards, but has been used to sweeten bitter medicines and lessen most chemotherapy aftertaste to help restore apetite. Most famous for the sweet lemon trick; eat a miracle fruit and lemons taste sweet. Learn more click here.


Availability is on a first come first served basis. At present we have over 1000 plants in various sizes. Growing instructions click here.

The Plants we offer are always the best we have in that size category. The pictures to the right are our average plants in that range. Click on them for a close up view! They are guaranteed to thrive with the proper care. Complete instructions will be included, and we offer free phone support too.

* Sometimes demand spikes and some items may be backordered. To be fair we accept orders and fill them in the order they were placed. Once we are sold out of any category below, any orders placed in excess of our saleable stock will be held till we can fill it, we will contact you and let you know the expected wait time...if not acceptable any monies collected will be refunded immediately.

Prices below are current and may rise as we start to sell out. Supply has never been strong for this very slow growing plant but as an investment it can not be beat...An average 16" plant 4 years old, gives us 40-100 berries on each fruiting flush 3-4 months apart. Learn more click here. Update (9/1/08 we just picked over 200 perfect fruits from this same plant)Update (3/20/09 This same plant has over 1000 new flowers/fruits forming - see Miracle Soil mix below for pictures)Update (1/1/11 This same plant produced about 900 saleable fruit during the 2010 growing season)

HOW OUR ORDER SYSTEM/WAIT LIST WORKS: You must completly fill out our order form. You will 1st get an order #, then will be asked for payment information. If you are on a waiting list: payment, unless you choose Pay pal is not immediate. When we have stock of fruit or plants and can ship we will contact you. If we are not able to reach you within a day or two to confirm payment and shipping information, we will skip your order. If you choose to pay by credit card (second option) we will not charge your card until we are ready to ship. Please make it easy for us to reach you by adding your phone# and email. All orders will be filled in turn and you will be notified of the expected wait.


Freeze Dried Whole Miracle Fruit Berries - Not always offered as we do batches as needed, if price shows 0 we are out of stock.
World Exclusive! or at least it was 10 years ago. We take our best fruits, flash freeze them and place them in a freeze dryer which super-freezes and then slowly removes all ice as water vapor under heavy vacuum while keeping the fruit at sub freezing temps. We are left with a perfect fruit in whole preservatives and stable for a year at room temp in our special foil seal packaging. We can now ship anywhere without the big expense of overnight or frozen items that can spoil or are soggy. No more will the world have to use a pill form packed with questionable fruit parts or fillers...We have the best! and it is quality you can see. Try some and please share with those who may need them.


Fresh Picked Miracle Fruit Berries (Demand is very high as we seem to be the one of very few suppliers of fresh fruit, non frozen.) If you want frozen we can easily pack our fruit with dry ice and ship them by expedited delivery methods, price can be much lower than fresh and we have pounds to sell.
This plant only gives us fruit a few times a year and with Covid we are very careful about any handling issues. Please place an order or get on our waiting list for a specific delivery date. Our plants should fruit again this year. We strongly suggest you click overnight delivery if you will consume it, as it loses its properties within 4 days after harvest at room temperature. This fruit will be stem cut and packed in a clear plastic container with padding and an ethylene gas absorber to protect this very delicate fruit from going soft in transit. Don’t forget to plant the seeds! If you "only want seeds to plant" priority mail is fine and please type that in our additional comment box on our order form, this may lessen any wait as we have some imperfect fruits from time to time and will add extras to make the overall cost much lower.


Miracle Fruit 5-7" plants- or larger - we pick the best to ship every week so order early. Shipping to CA or AZ restricted.
Very limited supply - We did not plant seeds like normal due to Covid. These are seed grown plants at least 8 months old. The height is not as important as the roots and new growth. The plants we ship will be the best we have...and we have many to choose from. Small plants often have a slightly damaged leaf or two as they are very delicate when the new leaves form, and a Miracle Fruit will hold on to that leaf for a year before it decides it is no longer needed. Our plants are grown in real world outdoor conditions so they are better able to handle some stress when you get them home, they look rough but are ready to thrive in your care. We will pack with enough soil to do well for the next 4 months. Please consider extra soil as this will ensure the fastest growth and ultimate success of this plant.
Miracle Fruit 24-30" plants (A FEW LEFT FROM 2019 - DO NOT MISS OUT) Shipping to CA or AZ restricted.
These plants are at least 3.5 years old and are forming new leaves, flowers and many are already fruiting. You could harvest fruit this season depending on your climate. This is a great investment as you will have fruit soon and with our special soil mix this plant is growing fast. See results below. These are the extra unsold mediums from last year so their size are larger and are a great value. FYI watch out for sellers from abroad selling bare root plants by airmail, these plants are loaded with fungicides and pesticides and will suffer greatly away from an established soil with beneficial microbes that the plant depends upon. We bought some years ago and the results were miserable.
If you are looking for larger plants please call us at 877 722-8624 and we can quickly determine what plants will fit your budget and can be safely delivered.
If you are in South Florida please consider an in person pickup so you can save the postage and we can give you an even better plant that typically is difficult to ship.
PH Test Kit - This kit includes 6 test strips, test tube, high acid peat moss and complete instructions to adjust the PH of your water and/or soil to be within the perfect range for your miracle fruit plant. Without the correct Ph range you plant will either grow slowly, loose leaves or die. This is a very important product if you want to grow the perfect miracle fruits. See actual results below. Quick tip rain water is the best but stay away from chlorinated tap water.

Nutrient Rich Soil "Miracle Mix" $10 per pint. Worth every Penny!... Even if we doubled the price. Enough to make your plant explode with new growth! It took 3+ years of testing but we cracked the Miracle Code for plant growth and fruit production. It is all in the roots - soil less mix to be more exact. Our mix has everything your plant needs and these are pictures of our plants to prove our point. Please read and learn from our experience. This same plant before the transplant into the "Miracle Mix" was supplying approximately 40-85 fruits every few months. Within four month this same plant had over 1000 new flowers forming and almost none have fallen off. This does slow ultimate production as so many fruit takes energy to produce, but with a payoff of 800% improvement in fruit production. We sell all the fruits we produce so this one plant with enhanced Miracle mix is worth hundreds during harvest time. Click on picture at right to see a larger picture of this same plant with over 1000 flowers forming on a 20" plant. Click Picture at right to see current Experiments and incredible Fruit Yields.

Click HERE for Miracle Fruit Soil Results

REALLY BIG PLANTS -Forming Fruit - If you are looking for larger plants please call us at 877 722-8624 and we can quickly determine what plants will fit your budget and can be safely delivered. If you are in South Florida please consider an in person pickup so you can save the postage and we can give you an even better plant that typically is difficult to ship.

Growing instructions click here


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