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*** 2024 COVID UPDATE - Please excuse any brief delays as we have ensured the safety of our staff and our customers, we have put in place strategies to ensure all items have been sanitized and or stored for necessary lengths to inactivate possible virus contamination. While we are not in a hot spot this contagion can enter any area and precautions must be taken to ensure there is no transmission. Please consider learning about sanitizers and their uses to further protect others from transmission risks. We agree that surfaces may be the primary source of transmittance as this virus can live for days on most, thorough hand washing and stopping the transfer to mouth, eyes and nose is necessary. Please be aware that a N95 mask can only reduce particulate that moves through it. A virus is far smaller than the pore size of these filters and any contaminated surface can transfer the virus even after multiple intermediary contacts, like the front of a filter mask. Social distancing, contact elimination, decontamination and time are the only realistic options at the moment. We would like to promote these solutions for surface decontamination if the reuse of contaminated filters and gear due to shortages becomes required.

The products below have been widely used for all sorts of sanitization and decontamination for more than 40 years and have been proven effective on almost all surfaces without damage or harmful side effects. We have personally used these for more than 15 years with no known side effects or customer complaints and found them simple to use to quickly eliminate contagion and restore sanitary conditions. We bleach cleaned what we could, then safely sanitized everything with silver and isolated our sick caterpillars. This can not always restore health to a very sick caterpillar but it can stop the initial outbreak or spread of certain contagion among others at risk in the same area. Most of the issues with Monarchs were bacterial and paracitic in origin leading to secondary infection and death.

***At this time there is no actual testing on COVID 19 corona virus with these exact offerings.*** We have years of evidence that they are safe and effective for surface decontamination and on certain living organisms. These solutions are made in our facility with USA based inputs. Our production capacity is small, if we experience a shortage the buy now links on this page will be disabled. These solutions are offered at a low cost to you and we appreciate you sharing your results with us, your support and you sharing this resource with others.

Recently many hand sanitizers were removed form the marketplace due to new FDA regulations leaving fewer choices and in the wake of this novel Corona virus there is now a severe shortage. While >60% Alcohol based gels are now the GOV standard there are other options or inputs that can assist to inactivate harmful contagions you may want to investigate. Searches for Colloidal Silver, Chlorine Dioxide, Hydrogen Peroxide, Grape Seed Extract, Tea tree oil and many other antiviral options are found through the web and many are still available as the need arises. Please be careful with essential oils as they may pose a risk to many pets and certainly insects.

The intent of our product introduction almost 15 years ago was to assist Monarch Caterpillars and stop harmful contagions that caused them to die needlessly. Our silver sanitizer has only 3 ingredients Distilled Water, Ionic / Colloidal Silver and a drop of honey. There are no harmful breakdown components and it leaves a micro coating of long lasting disinfecting silver that is still active when it dries. In the prepared form it has proven effective and safe with hundreds of thousands of caterpillar lives saved just by spraying them, their cages and food plants lightly. While we have ample testimonials for many other uses we make no claims.

We understand these simple solutions may be used alone or in combination with other components to create a superior option that can sanitize safely and we hope you share your ideas and findings. But we have no scientific proof to document the benefit we believe our daily use provides to sanitize our cages, office furniture, tools, sneakers, hands, pets, skin abrasions, mail, or use to stop tooth aches and clear up bad breath. All this is outside the normal scope of these offerings and we can not take responsibility for off label misuse. Hopefully this posting finds you in good health and we hope to have provided you good information and a resource that is a true benefit. Please be safe, be smart, be kind, be alert, share your knowledge, stay calm and take a moment to ask to GOD bless us all !
In case you just came to this page and missed the rest of our site we will include a free pack of seeds and info sheet so you can invest a moment in caring for Nature in the hopes that Nature will care for all of us too.
Thank you,
LMF Staff

Professional Sanitizing Solution Keeps caterpillars alive Naturally !

$ 6.00 for 2 oz bottle. Discount at 5 or more. - approximately 80 single pump sprays-

$10.00 for 8 oz bottle. Discount at 5 or more.

$50.00 for 100 Ounces (100 oz) Discount at 2 or more.

THIS IS AN ESSENTIAL PRODUCT!  Are you ready to raise a bunch of caterpillars? You need to keep things clean from the moment the eggs are laid! This solution is worth 50 times its price as it saves livestock from all sorts of yucky diseases with NO side affects! It actively kills all bacteria, mildew, mold, single celled organisms and even viruses. You can even spray it directly on the caterpillars without worry. No smell, safe to handle, and lasts a long time if used correctly. Comes with directions and our experience raising very healthy stock with a 95% healthy adult ratio from original egg. Impressed? If you have ever raised Monarchs in quantity you would be! We are the Live Monarch Foundation, we care about caterpillars and want you to have the best possible experience. This is a Live Monarch exclusive professional product!

A blend of Homeopathic remedies to Help aid in the suppression and elimination of paricites, bacterial infection and common illnesses. Caterpillars seem to be unaffected by direct contact and our tests show a clear benefit. Just spray their leaves 2-3 times during their lifecycle and they will eat their proper dosage. This is a specialized product and while very safe should be handled with care. Please report your findings to us so we can better document the effectiveness of this product. May be fed to adult butterflies as well, mixed in, or sprayed on their nectar source. While it can not always save a very sick caterpillar it will save you from many problems before they grow into disasters.

Need more information? The "sanitizer" is a specialized form of highly purified steam distilled water to which a titrated concentration of silver in liquid suspension has been added through electrochemical means. This nano silver colloid is 10 parts per million and has an ionic charge giving it the enhanced ability to bind with and have a toxic effect on living algae, molds, spores, fungus, virus, prokaryotic and eukaryotic microorganisms, even in relatively low concentrations. It is photosensitive, fully active for 12 months - up to 2 years if kept in dark...In direct sun will darken over time. Less effective in darker state. For the layman: Spray lightly on everything that comes in contact with your subject. Spray on visible problems or suspected areas of contagion to saturation. Active components still active upon drying...long term antimicrobial surfaces created. Silver will not create more virulent strains of bacteria like some antibiotics. We spray our hands, cages, caterpillars, all food plants, their frasse and most of our work areas at regular intervals....used lightly as a prophylactic and heavily if problems are noticed. While nothing can protect from everything due to the mode of infection for all pathogens, we attribute at least an 80% greater recover / health rate for living creatures in our care. Our primary focus is Caterpillars with relatively simple digestive systems and little immunity defense.�

Mini Microscope 60-120X - Self Lit- NEW ITEM 2015

$ 16.00 for each Mini-Microscope. Discount at 5 or more.

This is a powerful 60-120x magnification microscope with an extremely lightweight and portable design. It features a built-in LED light that provides a bright, clear image and a rubberized eyepiece for comfortable viewing. It will easily fit into your pocket to bring with you anywhere. Comes with batteries and instructions for use. Perfect for investigating possible pathogens and parasites. With this microscope, you can finally tell exactly what is going wrong with your caterpillars and quickly fix the problem.

Optical Quality: Very Clear

Size: approximately 4 inches tall.

Makes an awesome gift or perfect classroom tool. watch the video below for instructions.


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