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There are several excellent reasons to have a Miracle Fruit.

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1. If you crave a sweet treat, you can easily and fully satisfy your craving without adding any sugar or sweeteners...No extra carbs.

2. If you need to regulate your blood glucose, you can do it safely with NO side effects and lessen your dependence on insulin.

3. If you have medication aftertaste from chemotherapy, dialysis or other drug programs, you can reduce or eliminate it.

4. If you are an athlete and need the advantage in a super competitive field, you can go for hours WITHOUT BONKING.

5. If you want to taste food again for the first time and unlock flavors you never knew existed, you can and you will be amazed.

6. If you have a restricted diet, or can only eat very small portions, you can eat more calorically dense foods without fear.

7. If you need to make a sour, tart or bitter food, drink, or medication far more pleasing to consume, we have the answer.

Miracle fruit has been well documented in use for over 300 years with NO known side effects, has been the subject of hundreds of scientific papers and studied by the US military that found it safe to consume 3000 portions per day without any harm. We are the only grower in the world that can boast our quality USA Florida grown plants, and the fact that we use NO pesticides, fungicides or herbicides. We grow with OMRI approved fertilizers and use all natural methods and practices to bring you an ultra premium whole fruit. We hope you try it and share it with your family, friends and those in need. Our store and offerings are below check for special deals. A big THANK YOU from the staff of Live Monarch and our Miracle Fruit Team

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