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How to go for hours WITHOUT BONKING, of special interest to athletes in a super competitive field.

"It would be nice to have sustanined energy during the first, second, third and fourth hour of an intensive interval training and of course during a race."

This was the conversation Filippo Barbieri, currently the fastest Florida Based Semi Pro Mountain bike competitor at a nationals and I had In January of 2011 after an all too usual morning of work at our educational foundation Live Monarch. But a little background might be helpful to give you a better picture of events. Filippo put his career as a Champion Mountain Bike competitor 10 years ago on hold when I first met him in 2001, to start a family. He was at that time Florida State Champion having won the Florida Sunshine Games, placed third in the Sea Otter Classic in a field of over 150 and was even the fifth qualifier for the Brazilian National Olympic Team. He was at the height of his career, nationally known with top tier sponsorship that had him traveling around the country non-stop. In 2002 his family business was in desperate need of his help. Riding soon took a back seat and the Olympic dream faded into the background.

For 8 years Filippo dedicated himself to growing a business which quickly became the #1 Fedex Account pack and ship store in Boca Raton FL but this was never the dream, Filippo always held the idea of becoming an Olympic Champion.  Luckily Filippo has always maintained strong family, friend and business relationships. A good friend gave him a new racing bike and a pep talk knowing that is wasn't too late for Filippo to try and to get his life long goal of making it into the Olympics.

In Agust 2010 Filippo got off the couch and after 8 years off the bike began to train.

One month later he was again competing and winning! The podium was his again, and a new familiar energy was flowing through his life.

Over the next 5 months he consistently stood atop the podium and won six consecutive races finishing second overall in the State Championship and won the 2011 Coconut Cup where he won 4 of 6 races. Filippo then moved up to Pro and won the first two pro races.

In January of 2011, Filippo began to work at our Foundation which grows plants with the ability to help diabetics eat a sweet treat and cancer patients to eliminate the aftertaste of chemotherapy and regain the desire to eat healthy foods. It was on a normal day when Filppo was "starving" at 11 am and there were no snacks in sight that I gave him a Miracle Fruit and he noticed that his hunger was lessened at least for a while. An hour later at lunch Filippo told me It would be nice to have sustanined energy during the first, second, third and fourth hour of an intensive interval training and of course during a race and he told me that "Bonking" during his long efforts was common. Bonking = Hypoglycemia = Low Blood Glucose.

This was the spark that reminded me of the research into Miracle Fruit and blood glucose, studies on rats showing a complete reversal of bad effects of a sugar based diet if given Miracle Fruit in their feed. Would this relate to our hampster on a wheel Filippo? Later that night we had our answer.

His usual regimen of gel packs during intervals yielded him 15 minutes of energy, with a very fast sugar rush and a low energy feeling within 15 minutes followed by a Bonk if he waited more than 35 minutes for another pack. After trying the Miracle Fruit he had an hour of sustained energy with one gel pack. We worked out his caloric needs during interval training over the next week checking blood glucose levels till he was feeling like a pin cushion and documented the following.

On an empty stomach, with one gel his blood glucose would rise to aproximately 170 and fall within 15 minutes to below 100 and then fall to 70 after another 30-45 minutes wherein he would hit the wall and BONK. Normal hydration, high intensity, we did multiple tests and results were always the same.

Here are our final test results starting with no Miracle Fruit for 24 hours and a small breakfast 3 hours prior to this training session: Five minutes after taking one 100 calorie gel his blood glucose was tested at 169, he then ate a Miracle Fruit and within 10 minutes his blood sugar was 102 we checked it every 15 minutes for the next 2.5 hours and it was between 102 and 99 for the entire interval training. His Average heart rate was 182 on average and his effort was at maximum levels throughout the entire ride. He drank only water, 2 liters during the effort and had no additional gels. Filippo stated his legs felt better and he definitely had a sustained energy throughout the session. His recovery time was normal for the effort.

We later determined that additional calories are needed as the effect will last dependent on the ammount of fruit for 1.5-2 hours and when sugar has been depleted form the "resevoir" this system creates, Filippo would bonk. The simple solution was to estimate the calories needed for the work and make sure it was consumed prior or during the effort. With this knowledge in hand Filippo continued to train with our Miracle Fruit.

The next six races Filippo won by more than a minute. You can be sure he had a Miracle Fruit with him and will not ride without it.

We have searched the internet and found studies on Miracle Fruit showing all sorts of benefits and even the US Army showed that ingesting 3,000 times the normal requirement has no side effects. This site is in progress we will add more studies for you to review but feel free to search the internet and share any with us that we should display for the benefit of others.

Will Miracle Fruit work for you? We guarantee it will help stabilize blood glucose, but winning championships at elite levels takes more than just an optimized blood glucose level. Our tests show a clear benefit with those tested especially if they have blood sugar fluctuation issues. Please test the benefits for yourself and share this information with those who need officials claim 1 in 3 Americans may be prediabetic.

July 15th 2011 - Update on Filippo's Racing. He just returned from Nationals in Sun Valley ID. He is stil the fastest Florida Mountain biker in his class. Disclaimer - Our Miracle Fruit works great for sustained energy but will not conquer hypoxia as Filippo quickly learned at 8,000 feet above sea level. While his effort was valiant not having the proper oxygen results in anerobic energy transfer losing almost 70% of usuable energy and creating lactic acid which crippled him in the second 1,500 foot climb. While he actually lead the pack at the beginning taking the slot by the second lap he had fallen to fourth. Filippo knows at sea level he could have had a real shot to stand atop the podium again and the training will continue. We are preparing the budget to have him aclimate and train at altitude for his next National event and are looking for sponsors that could help with his endeavor to get an Olympic Spot in 2012 and 2016.

Please email Us about Sponsorship Opportunities and setting up documented trials.

Please test the benefits for yourself and share this information with those who need officials claim 1 in 3 Americans may be prediabetic. We believe Miracle Fruit should be a valuable addition to your healthy lifestyle, we offer freeze dried fruits, fresh fruits and plants so you can have them whenever you need them.

Phytotherapy Research
Volume 20 Issue 11, Pages 987 - 992
Published Online: 29 Aug 2006
Copyright © 2008 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

 Research Article

In an attempt to probe a new target to improve insulin resistance, miracle fruit (Synsepalum dulcificum) was employed to investigate the effect on insulin resistance induced by fructose-rich chow in rats. Single oral administration of the powder of this miracle fruit decreased the plasma glucose in a dose-dependent manner for 150 min in rats fed fructose-rich chow for 4 weeks. Insulin action on the glucose disposal rate was measured using the glucose-insulin index, the value of the areas under the curve of glucose and insulin during the intraperitoneal glucose tolerance test. Oral administration of miracle fruit (0.2 mg/kg) to fructose-rich chow fed rats, three times daily for 3 days, reversed the raised value of the glucose-insulin index, indicating that miracle fruit has the ability to improve insulin sensitivity. The plasma glucose lowering action of tolbutamide, induced by secretion of endogenous insulin, is widely used to characterize the formation of insulin resistance. The time for the loss of the plasma glucose lowering response to tolbutamide (10.0 mg/kg, i.p.) in fructose-rich chow fed rats was markedly delayed after treatment with miracle fruit compared with the vehicle-treated group. Thus providing supportive data that oral administration of miracle fruit could delay the development of insulin resistance in rats. Also, the in vivo insulin sensitivity was markedly raised by miracle fruit. In conclusion, the results suggest that miracle fruit may be used as an adjuvant for treating diabetic patients with insulin resistance because this fruit has the ability to improve insulin sensitivity. Copyright © 2006 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

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