Your Caterpillar is Now 12 Days Old.

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Milkweed is now the topic of choice. Your caterpillar must have it as no other plant can be eaten...and it eats constantly. Something inside your caterpillar knows just how important it is to have plenty of fresh green milkweed to eat. Far too many caterpillars go hungry around our world due to the severe loss of habitat and few host plants <Plants they need to reproduce and feed their young>. Monarchs are especially at risk. Monarchs migrate long distances and need Milkweed along the way to lay eggs on so their offspring can continue the trip. One Monarch migration path goes from the mountains of central Mexico all the way to central Canada, over 3,000 miles!

Your caterpillar is now a 4th instar...but finding a leftover skin is difficult because they eat it. It must be tasty?!? Look at how long its horns have gotten and if you are very quiet you can actually hear it munching on the leaves. The Milkweed in Picture #3 is a southern variety and is a very nice specimen. Each stem has about 10 leaves. A 4 foot plant this size will feed only 5 Monarch caterpillars! Each monarch caterpillar will consume 20 or more large leaves. Do not be fooled into thinking you have enough Milkweed for many caterpillars. If female Monarchs can not find enough Milkweed they may deposit too many eggs on one plant and the caterpillars will be forced to fight for the limited food to survive...often all the caterpillars will perish once the Milkweed supply is exhausted.

During the past several years sightings of Monarchs by school children in the Northern Migration Path have been very limited. The Migration is like a BIG race with millions of Monarchs waiting for the weather to warm up enough to head North. Along the way they need Millions of Milkweed plants, good weather and lots of heroes like you who can plant a seed and protect their little ones from hungry predators. If there is Not enough Milkweed they can not make it. If you live in a Southern region or place where many Monarchs gather, many people in the North are counting on you to plant seeds and grow many plants. This is a Nationwide project and many people are needed in every region to assist our Monarchs. Please take a moment to think of friends and relatives you can contact or send seeds to and get involved in this important campaign. use this link for more ideas on how you can help the Monarchs.

We acknowledge the important work so many do to assist Native Creatures and thank each of them and you for your time and the gift of Nature's Miracles you provide to others you may never meet. Every seed you plant is appreciated. You make a difference. Thank you!

Lets get growing! Milkweed that is.

This link will give you access to Free seeds, Milkweed plants, and important plant care information.

The live Monarch Foundation is happy to bring you this free learning experience and hope you will share your, lessons with others and help Butterflies in your area by planting seeds for their caterpillar children. Please take advantage of our Free Seed Program , our low cost plants and butterfly rearing supplies and please tell others about this online pet adventure!

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How Big is my Caterpillar? The difference in pictures is just one day!!!

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