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Live Monarch - Seed Campaign 2015
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Cash or Check payable to "Live Monarch" 50+ seeds per dollar

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Monarchs need your help NOW! This year AGAIN marks the lowest number of over wintering Monarchs in the Mexican mountains in the last 20 years...and we have only known about their over wintering sites for a little more than 20 years!. There are 97% fewer than at their recorded height and 50% less than there were last year. This is a back to back 50% decline in their overwintering numbers. Researchers are worried we may lose a large part of their migration this year if immediate action is not taken and severely threaten all Monarchs if the pattern continues.

This is a crisis situation! In 1991, over 75% of the wintering Monarchs from North America froze to death in Mexico as a result of three days of rain and sub-freezing conditions. Their numbers showed some recovery but now there is a nationwide shortage of milkweed. Freak weather patterns destroy habitat and kill millions of helpless Monarchs. But these natural events are not the only challenges that face the Monarch. Widespread pesticide application and genetically modified crops cover important parts of the Monarch's migratory path and serve as killing fields for any Monarchs that pass through these millions of acres of toxins and biological agents that kill them and their young. They are unintended casualties in a war to protect crops. Are our Monarchs worth our efforts to protect? Do we even know the total effects on our environment from the use of these agents? Monarchs and Milkweed are obvious signs that we need to take action to protect our environment. They show us the fragility and interconnectedness of our world and that the actions of some can have impacts on all of us. We are all part of the problem through the global effort to harness and control Nature in the search for profit. We must research the origins of all our wants and needs to ensure that the products and organizations we support are a true benefit and not a source of misery to the resources used to create them. Our choice to know the source of our purchases gives us the real power to decide what types of people we support and together control over the manner of production used. Please promote the opening of information so that we can make informed choices and change the world with every one. The Monarch habitat must be protected now to ensure their survival, before we see the day when this miracle of nature is only a memory. The Monarchs need your help NOW. Please plant seeds and help to ensure their survival. A Milkweed in every yard!

You have the power to instantly change the world !

Plant a seed today and change your backyard.

Educate yourself about the effects of your actions.

Take responsibility for your actions.

Plant an idea by sharing your knowledge.

Educate others and ask them to take responsibility for their actions.

Make the decision to think, act, and be responsible for yourself and all you impact.

Choose not to support ideas or actions that harm our environment or others.

You are the most important part of any solution!

SEED UPDATE 2015 - We have a large stockpile of fresh Milkweed seeds right now and thanks to you and the continued sharing on social media are sending out many envelopes every day. When your seeds arrive make sure you have exactly what you needed, Please contact us if there is any questions and please share your seeds, this page and our program with others so we can get the word out.
Last year we went through 6 million seeds in several months. Northern varieties are especially hard to source as we are in Florida and can not grow our own supply. If we run out of a variety we will continue to ship the next best milkweed varieties to fill your requests. If you have extra seeds to share please contact us. We are happy to pay for postage and your time if you have a good supply. Thank you in advance for all your help. The seed you plant is the food and shelter for a Monarch Caterpillar. Thank you for planting a Home for them.

Please let everyone know about this site, about how to get milkweed seed, and why it is so important!

Lifecycle Story of a Monarch Butterfly for FREE! Highly recommended. You will learn all about the care of a Monarch from an egg to an adult butterfly. Download al the pictures of your butterfly in its different life stages. This is a very simple and FUN learning experience. Great for small children and adults too.

Would you like to save 45 days growing time and have butterflies in your garden right away? Then get some small milkweed plants. Prices include S&H. Just use our Pay Pal check out below, we include free seeds and full instructions too. All plant orders under under $20 shipped by first class mail, weather permitting. We will hold all cold weather shipments. Use our Store Link to view and purchase other items too all sales benefit our mission.

Free Milkweed plants with every plant order placed this month!!!

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Live Monarch will send 15+ Butterfly Garden seeds including Milkweed and growing instructions even if you can not afford a contribution just mail us a self addressed stamped envelope. A save the Monarch contribution is greatly appreciated to help offset the cost of the many seeds we give away, personally plant and plants we provide to schools.

One dollar goes a long way to help Monarchs, and we will send 50+ seeds per dollar as a thank you. If you need more seeds, send a larger contribution with your request. (These same seed packs sell all over the web for $2 - $4 for only 10 seeds). We send out Asclepias Curassavica (tropical milkweed / red and yellow flowers) It is a favorite egg-laying plant which grows quickly and will sprout many seed pods. We also have a Northern Varieties called Syriaca and Speciosa which can survive the winters, Just request the type you want with the drop down menus below. Our staff will chose the appropriate type if you prefer. Please include a small note below as well if you have a special request. Please give what you can so we can provide materials to as many as possible. To make an online contribution right now use the "Buy Now" button below to go to a secure online form where you can submit your information safely. At different levels of contribution we can offer the items below as thank you gifts. At $20 we send 1000 seeds of your choosing and a personalized letter, at $50 we can include our famous caterpillar castle and 2000 seeds too. Use the links to request the type of seeds you would like to receive or ask us to send the best for your region. We have redesigned this quick check out to include more options and hope you help us continue to ensure that we all have the FREE education and low cost resources to Save the Monarch Migration. Thank you, LMF STAFF.

You will receive seeds and a full color Monarch raising instruction sheet and growing instructions with your seeds and our heatfelt thanks. There are no butterflies in your return envelope. The information sheet is preprinted for you to have as a reference sheet and to share the education to help Monarchs and butterflies in every life stage.

Seeds & or Contribution
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We support local producers and hope you seek out native varieties.

If you can not find a local suplier or resource become one. Share your knowledge, plants and seeds.

Asclepias Curassavica Asclepias-speciosa Asclepias-syriaca
Asclepias-curassavicaCurassavica Asclepias-syriacasyriaca Asclepias-speciosaspeciosa
Asclepias-curassavica - This is hands down the favorite egg laying and food plant of Monarchs. This one type we offer as pregrown plants. It is fast growing and produces as much as 1,000 seeds per plant to save and share. Use as a backup food source resource when local varieties are exhausted. The seeds we supply are ready to plant no special preparation necessary. <8-14 day germination at 70F. Asclepias-syriaca - also know as common Milkweed this was once the major diet of the Monarchs. A 4' plant with large thick leaves that feed many Monarchs. Will survive winters and a prolific seed producer. We ship this type first until our supplies are exhausted then switch to speciosa for Northern regions. Germination is variable dependent on source. typically <10- 30 days

Asclepias-speciosa - A beautiful plant up to 4' tall with large thick leaves that feed many Monarchs. Will survive winters and a prolific seed producer. The seed we supply are ready to plant no special "stratification" necessary. <14 -30 day germination.

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Have you seen a warning that Milkweed can hurt the Monarchs or their Migration?: There is an unfortunate campaign underway to change the way you view the world and stop you from taking action to heal it. Science is often misused to make a point that is false or misleading. This is commonly called propaganda ( information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.) Sadly the Monarch has been caught up in the mix for quite some time. If only they did not migrate through millions of acres of GMO crops or land on flowers contaminated by toxins. But that is not our reality. Please do not be frightened by the scare tactics that tell you some Milkweed is "killing, trapping or harming the Monarchs or their Migration". Your efforts to plant Milkweed are appreciated by every Monarch that survives the REAL threats to all of us. If you find questionable articles that seem to "spin" the facts about Milkweed and Monarchs please let us know and read our responses to them here. Agribusiness knows that we find their products and actions objectionable and are looking for every opportunity to convince you that these had nothing to do with the Monarch problem.

Click here to see examples of articles that we find objectionable and our comments about them. Click here for our responses and investigations

Attention Educators: We love the hundreds of letters we get from your first grade classes and other students! Keep the letters coming but please remember we have a big expense in seeds and staff time to stuff each of those separate envelopes. We suggest you put all the envelopes or letters into one package and send that to us. You can then donate that postage to the cause instead of wasting postage and many envelopes. This also helps us get the job done faster for everyone. Thank you.

Attention Press: We love the hundreds and sometimes thousands of letters we get from your readers and hope to be an ongoing part of your outreach to your audience. BUT please remember this is a contribution based seed program that relies on the many small purchases in self addressed stamped envelopes that come in to cover the cost to buy and collect seeds, print, pack, open, read, count, answer questions, stuff, seal and all too often include postage on all those requests. We encourage you to send your readers to our site and or this page and make sure they understand our offering is contribution based. We have funds to cover a small percentage of free seed requests but have unfortunately been inundated from time to time with thousands of free requests for materials that have bypassed our web site and are a significant drain on our small staff and limited resources. Trust us, your active audience will definitely contact you if their requests are not filled, please help us keep this program ongoing.

Butterfly Picture Contest: We appreciate the pictures, drawings and letters you send to us and would like to display them on our site. To encourage more artistic creations, we are offering a reward for the best in each age range. Just send in your drawings or butterfly crafts, and you will be entered in our Caterpillar Kit Giveaway. Click here to see some of our thousands of letters and get more information on the contest. Anyone can enter!


Can you afford to do more? Our mission to assist the Monarch butterfly and native animals covers all of North America. Your contributions assist the Live Monarch Foundation to send out many thousands of these Free Seed Packs and Educational materials to children across this continent. It also affords us the opportunity to give back directly to your community in a self-renewing and sustainable way. Any donation over $30 will be eligible to receive a special Monarch thank you gift. At different levels of sponsorship, we can offer the following items or sizable discounts from our online partners and fellow butterfly breeders:

  • Special Variety Seed Packs for a complete Butterfly Garden.
  • Mature Living Plants ready to plant in your area to attract Butterflies of all kinds.
  • Living Monarch Caterpillars and Rearing Kits.
  • T-shirts and Butterfly Kites to wear and display proudly.
  • Live Adult Monarchs ready to fly free at your next special event or celebration.

Community involvement: Monarchs are a miracle everyone should enjoy. We have created a wonderful opportunity for your household, neighborhood, school, place of worship, business, community and even state to make a difference today and ensure the future of our Monarch tomorrow. All it takes is your involvement. The Live Monarch Foundation charter enables them to directly compensate you for your efforts to collect funds. A full 20% of whatever funds you or your group collects can go directly to you and your community. You will directly impact your local area with the creation of natural butterfly preserves through the placement of suitable plants and specially bred caterpillars and butterflies which will continue their life cycle in your preserve as it is established. Imagine what it would be like for you to personally act to bring butterflies back to your community and create a self-sustaining resource for the enjoyment and enrichment of so many in your area. Please click here for examples of programs in action.

You can fix a butterfly's wing! Hospital link Advanced Caterpillar raising information

Get a 45 DAY jump on your garden with pre grown Milkweed plants $1 EACH!

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