Your Caterpillar is Now 26 Days Old.

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Does this picture look familiar? It has now been 7 days since your caterpillar went into its chrysalis. It is still bright green, but faint outlines can be seen within. At this point your plants are hopefully starting to recover from the appetite of your caterpillar...but there are probably more caterpillars eating away.

This chrysalis is very important as it represents a soon to be success for Nature. Unprotected as many as 97% will perish just getting to this point. Every caterpillar you save and care for is extremly lucky and we thank you for making a BIG difference.

Have you been watching the weather? So far this years weather has been a real setback for the Monarchs. Every dramatic change in weather wipes out many that have ventured North. The Great Monarch Migration has many hurdles to overcome. With so many obstacles why dont they just give up? Why do they year after year, after year keep going? They teach us to keep our dreams alive and never quit even the face of overwhelming odds. I wonder if your hanging caterpillar is dreaming of the day it emerges from its case and flies free to start its journey.

Monarchs have been used as symbols of the rebirth in spring, the endless cycle of life and the fragility of Nature. They are gentle creatures which serve to dramatically remind us of the larger picture of which we are a part. Monarchs awaken in us the gentle wonder and peacefulness which we too often neglect in ourselves.

Take a brief moment and see the world through the Monarchs point of view. They make every moment of their brief life count...It is all there:

The birth as an egg and the voracious appetite for all that is familiar in their little world.
The drive to wander off as a mature caterpillar to find a higher, quiet place to change into something new.
The Magical transformation as a majestic butterfly intent on finding a suitable mate to continue the cycle.
Each stage brings growth and greater awareness for the Monarch of what it is and what it must do in its world.
The Monarch can teach many valuable lessons, all without making a sound.

You are becoming a Monarch expert! At this point you know more detailed information on butterflies than 99.9% of all people. We are very pleased you are enjoying this experience and have another special treat for you! Over the past few years we have tested and designed numerous enclosures for raising caterpillars of all kinds and have come up with what is surely the best design ever. We call it our Caterpillar Castle as it protects your little ones from all known dangers and is very functional and attractive. As you raise and protect your own Butterflies you will find that a few simple tools will make all the difference. Our offerings are heralded by professional breeders and enthusiasts as essential items and are an excellent value. Please taqke a moment to investigate our store for these items and others that can help you get started on the right path to success. With the right education and a few essential tools you will save yourself from disappointment and have butterflies and wonderful experiences to share.

We acknowledge the important work so many do to assist Native Creatures and thank each of them and you for your time and the gift of Nature's Miracles you provide to others you may never meet. Every seed you plant is appreciated. You make a difference. Thank you!

Our Foundation is hard at work creating the foundation for a Great Monarch success. We hope to have inspired you to take action and hope to include your name, accomplishments and ideas to inspire others. use this link for more ideas on how you can help the Monarchs.

This link will give you access to Free seeds, Milkweed plants, and important plant care information.

The live Monarch Foundation brings you this free learning experience and hope you will share your, lessons with others and help Butterflies in your area by inspiring others to take action and plant seeds for their caterpillar children. Please take advantage of our Free Seed Program , our low cost plants and butterfly rearing supplies and please tell others about this online pet adventure!

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