Your Caterpillar is Now a Butterfly!!!

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Today is the day we have been waiting for as your pupae is no longer green! Yesterday the chrysalis started to turn a darker color and by this morning you could clearly see the coloration of an adult butterfly inside. Your butterfly waited until all was quiet and there was plenty of light and some warmth of the new day and then...

Pop! as it pushed its pupa skin open and began to emerge. Take a minute to watch the movie which shows exactly what was happening during the two minutes it took to push out of its clear shell and begin to pump up its wings with the extra fluid in its abdomen. Its pupa is designed to hold the butterfly in just the right position to ensure that its wings begin to enlarge before it can eclose which is the high brow term for escaping from its chrysalis.

When it was finished its wings were very wet and floppy and it just wanted to hang upside down to dry out and make sure that its wings were just right. It hung there for about 30 minutes in the morning sun, its colors were very bright, Picture #2. We took a few pictures of its wings so you could see the colored scales. You have probably heard that touching a butterflies wings and removing the scales can stop it from ever flying...That is not entirely true. Monarchs have pretty strong wings and can be handled but many butterflies will break their wings easily and you should not hold the delicate inner surfaces of their wings. Always let the butterfly come to you! A little nectar usually does the trick. Nobody likes being grabbed anyway.

We placed your butterfly on a flowering plant and it began to gently flap its wings. Within a few minutes it took its first flight towards a bunch of newly eclosed Monarchs some of whom were brothers and sisters and instantly became part of their happy group. They played and chased each other around our gardens for hours, sipped some nectar from our flowers and then were off in search of new places to explore. Our Farm is in South Florida and scientists have determined that a Monarch can with favorable winds travel hundreds of miles in one day. So if you plant some milkweed and see a very beautiful Monarch in your backyard look carefully it may be yours or quite possible one of its children. Planting just one seed can change the world and bring this experience to your backyard.

Please take a moment and get some seeds or small plants to enjoy Nature's miracles and protect this experience for others who need you to help the Monarchs reach their homes too.

We acknowledge the important work so many do to assist Native Creatures and thank each of them and you for your time and the gift of Nature's Miracles you provide to others you may never meet. Every seed you plant is appreciated. You make a difference. Thank you!

Congratulations on Completing The Monarch Lifecycle

We would like you to have a special Gift

Just send a business sized self addressed, stamped envelope to:
Live Monarch Foundation - LIFECYCLE AWARD
3003-C8 Yamato Road #1015
Boca Raton, Florida 33434

We will include a certificate, seeds, lifecycle information sheet and information on our Foundation. If possible please include a donation to help offset the cost of providing this service and we will include extra seeds too. We have Southern Milkweed, Northern Milkweed and Mixed seeds, be sure to request the type you want. Suggested donation is $3
We hope to have inspired you to take action and hope to include your name, accomplishments and ideas to inspire others. use this link for more ideas on how you can help the Monarchs.

This link will give you access to Free seeds, Milkweed plants, and important plant care information.

The live Monarch Foundation brings you this free learning experience and hope you will share your, lessons with others and help Butterflies in your area by inspiring others to take action and plant seeds for their caterpillar children. Please take advantage of our Free Seed Program , our low cost plants and butterfly rearing supplies and please tell others about this online pet adventure!

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