Try giving a Milkweed plant as a gift for each person invited to a party, memorial or special event. Be prepared for the calls you will receive with heart felt thanks and tears as these gather butterflies for your friends at their homes. This is one of the easiest ways to bring butterflies into your area.

Think about a great community project: passing out seed packs to help bring the butterflies back to your area and keep then happy with plenty of food sources.

Monarchs Make Memories.

Butterflies are a delight and a constant source of fascination for all. Give a living gift with a memory that lasts a lifetime. You have several options each require different levels of time and commitment so choose wisely.

  • Live adult buterflies - Just open their envelopes and let them fly free. Simple, no waiting and no special long term care. Have a camera ready!
  • Caterpillars / Eggs - You may need plants and a bit of education to make this a wonderful experience. The minimum time requirement is 25 days and there are some basic supplies that will greatly enhance the success of this project.
  • Caterpillar kits - This choice has it all: the education, the right supplies and the support of our staff to keep you on track. Simple step by step process that will create a butterfly habitat, inspire and educate. Time required depends on growth of plants typical 45 days for first butterflies and they will come all season long.
  • Plants - If you grow them butterflies will come. This is the natural solution and always a winner, you can not have too many milkweed plants and Monarchs will find them. Easy to grow - green thumb guarantee. Let Nature take care of the details you just provide the start.
  • Seed packs - what could be easier and we will personalize them too. This is a wonderful and inexpensive way to say thank you, and get a very important tool into many hands. You just pass them out and our site gives them the education for free.
  • Other supplies - If you have the plants and want to help your caterpillars and butterflies thrive then look into a net castle, sanitizer, or pocket microscope and give the gift of knowledge and expertice as these tools are literally lifesavers.

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Monarchs Are Memorable.

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