Can You Help The Monarch?

YES! Monarchs are quite easy to help. Just Plant Milkweed seeds and care for the plants. If you want to really help the species then grow lots of milkweed and keep reading. You can greatly assist the Monarch breeding populations by:

  1. Growing lots of Milkweed. Every seed makes a difference.
  2. Protecting the young caterpillars from predators by screening in the plants if possible.
  3. Introducing new bloodlines into your area by purchasing unrelated Monarchs for breeding or live releases.
  4. Letting everyone you meet know about the Monarch, this site and giving them Milkweed seeds to plant.
  5. Getting involved with organizations that protect wildlife.
  6. Learning as much as you can about Monarchs and other threatened species of animals and plants.
  7. Making a donation of time, materials or money. $1 will put seeds in the hands of a teacher to share with 30 students.

  Please click here to learn about Monarch Conservation programs you can be a part of.

Thinking about a release of many live Butterflies Click here.

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Monarchs Are Dependent on Us.

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