Thank you for taking a little time to better understand this campaign and how it is run.

Our Live Monarch Foundation staff can always be reached by email or phone. Please use the contact us link to send us a note and typically the response is same day but can take 2-3 depending on weekends and our workflow. We respect the order emails arrive in and from time to time we do get more than we can reply to quickly. We are a small staff not a giant corporation. If an email has gone unanswered try again or just call again. Email can be misdirected/blocked and voice messages can be inaudible or hard to understand. If you do not get a response try another method, using our contact form is our first choice. We have seen a few email rants and heard shrill voices over the years only to learn they mistyped our email or had muted their message usually followed by a frustrated apology. These things happen and it will be AOK. Remember this is a NO pressure FUN campaign doing good for the world.

Most visitors to our site are here to make a small purchase and get a bargain. But some especially those that already know us and thanks to social media have helped us spread the word very quickly, actually share a portion of their purchase. YES, let me repeat that, of the many orders for seeds we get every day some people share (pay more for what they get) so others that need it can have some too. This GENEROSITY is the heart of The Live Monarch SEED CAMPAIGN, this is the magic...PEOPLE THAT CARE.

We must have a source of funds for what we do and have always given away free materials to almost everyone that asks. (If you want 1# of seed to RESELL as seed bombs that will help the Monarchs we feel these seeds are better given to another 1,000 individuals and might send a smaller amount if we feel your heart is in the right place.) If you are a school or other educational institution or group we do ask if you have a budget but always will provide some materials if you can let us know the scope of your project and exactly what you are doing with the materials. Please use the -Note for us- to let us know and we especially appreciate the notes like -Thank you for reaffirming my sense of good in the World-, we are real people and appreciate your many many kind notes.

The secret of Live Monarch is a small team of dedicated people willing to work long hours in an intelligent and compassionate manner to quickly answer the questions and support the needs of our Nationwide community that actually cares about our environment and the challenges to living creatures on our planet like the Monarch Butterfly and us. We plant a seed, grow a plant, collect more seeds and sell them at a substantial savings to people that want to assist the Monarch Butterfly. We create value and teach others how to do the same while protecting Nature. THAT IS THE SECRET - INVEST, WORK SMART, GROW, COLLECT FRUITS OF LABOR, SHARE. It works for us!

Are we legitimate, is this a scam? I still see this after 20 years of effort and it shocks me every time! A question that is raised by the cynical when we offer something that seems "to good to be true". Or if they waited more than a few days for their envelope to arrive. Another contact we have seen is "you shorted my order" or "Your staff messed up" and I was sent less than what I paid for. Seeds are small and together in a bag can look like fewer than you expected. Before you jump to another conclusion please dump your seeds out onto a white paper make a few even piles and count one. If we did make a rare mistake contact us immediately and we will send more at our expense and with it our apology. Again we are human and mistakes have happened, it is our pleasure to ensure you are a happy member of our team. I instruct my staff to ALWAYS make sure there is more than requested so no one has any justification to hold our motives or campaign in question.

First off what we offer is 100% REAL and a deal and anyone can offer it, as we have encouraged many to do the same. The resource to do so, has always been on our website . PLEASE if we ever fall short of your expectations LET US KNOW. I openly apologize for having limits on my time and not always being able to write lengthy perfectly worded email replies or carry on 30+ minute conversations walking you through every step for Milkweed and Monarch success. Yes we get complaints if we do not personalize our replies, and lots of other things that we may not notice…others expect of us. For some we may be their only kind voice or friendly written word. Our staff admits to rushing at times to finish every order so they do not pile up and cause delays and concern. Mistakes can happen and we may not always understand all of your questions fully. 

Your seed requests are first printed as labels and noted as shipped in the database so we can process the order. It may take an additional few days to actually get the envelope or package to the Post office especially over a weekend or Postal Holiday. Please be patient as mail delivery can often be delayed. Your seeds should arrive within 2 weeks. Most orders go out within a day or so and are in hand in less than 7 days, but during slow periods we have less staff and can be distracted with emergencies. Please wait 14 days for your seeds to arrive before you contact us, 99% of the time they will arrive. 

We do not typically pay for tracking on small orders as this costs an additional $2 and with the majority of orders we handle @ $3.49 this would severely limit the number of seeds we can send you. 99% of mail gets delivered, but that 1 percent which is lost or returned causes us considerable worry. In this new age of NO trust for any online business some jump to the conclusion that we may be dishonest. If you are the type of person that must have tracking please request it in the notes of any order placed with us and know you will receive less as this is a cost you must pay for and not part of our standard offering or be willing to pay for that additional service cost.

If you are reading this you obviously care and have the extra time to be well informed. You are our best kind of supporter once we get seeds into your hand and you grow your first milkweeds and raise and release your own Monarchs. Please take the extra minute to actually make a difference and plant a seed. AND if you can not afford a small donation not to worry we have you covered by the many generous contributors that do share. Free to you is the effort of others, please respect that, we do.

If you did not get your seeds after 14 days or have any type of concern please contact us via our web site contact form. We will always try to reship your seeds and appreciate your patience. Please check your pay pal receipt to ensure the address that was sent to us is correct this is the #1 reason for mail not reaching you. We see returned mail every day and always try to contact you but that is not always possible. We do not deliver the mail (>1% loss nationally) and mistakes can happen, please do not let a delayed package ruin your outlook, or stop you from being a part of positive change.

Thank you for your interest and your effort on behalf of Nature and The Monarchs, Christopher LMF Founder