Awesome Monarch Heroes, Making a Difference!

These are some pictures that were sent in of young people doing great things to help the Monarch Butterfly.

If you have pictures or information about your efforts please email us and we just might post it here.

Miss Webb's Class Project, Gulf Shores Middle School, Alabama

Planted 400 Milkweed Seedlings and distributed seed packs as part of a Grant award she won to give children a hands on experience in environmental activities to assist the Monarch Butterfly.

Cub Pack 846 from Texas!

Over 1,800 seed packs so far!

Made their own seed packs and spread the word and thousands of seeds for the Monarchs.

This Cutie has gone caterpillar crazy!

Alexis is proudly wearing her favorite friends. They are not creepy crawlys...they are her cuddly cats. They will soon be butterflies. Thank you for your efforts!

More People making a difference in their own backyard! This is something everyone can do. Please plant a seed and be a Hero too!

Get a 45 DAY head start with pre grown Milkweed palnts $1 EACH!

Monarchs Need Kids

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