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Our farm had a super special and very rare occurrance.

Let Nature Teach The Course!

We have a complete range of products to make learning enjoyable and trouble free. The best investment you can make.

Seeds - free with small donation greatly appreciated. 50 are $1. Watch them grow and help the Monarch.

Caterpillars / Eggs - $3 each with discounts for schools or larger orders. watch them grow.

Chrysalis - $7 each with discounts for schools or larger orders.Watch them emerge!

Mesh Enclosures - $8 each. The perfect collabsible container. Discounts for large quantities. Several sizes to meet your exact needs.

Mesh Socks - $4 each. Simple to use just slip it over the entire plant or a part of it. Helps keeps the caterpillars on the plant, makes a great perch to turn to chrysalis as well.

Highly recomended!

Attention Educators: We love the hundreds of letters we get from your 1st grade classes and other students! Keep the letters coming but please remember we have an expense in seeds and staff time to stuff each of those separate envelopes. We suggest you put all the envelopes or letters into one package and send that to us, you can then donate that postage to the cause instead of wasting postage on individual envelopes. This also helps us get the job done faster for everyone...Thank you.

Nature Makes a Great Teacher .......... Visit our Store

Monarchs in the classroom are a delight and a constant source of fascination for all ages. Monarch kits are a hands on experience with one of Nature's most majestic creatures. We offer all life stages: Eggs, Caterpillars, Chrysalis and Adults. We include complete information and care instructions so your experience is excellent.

ADOPT an Online Butterfly for FREE! highly recommended You will learn all about the care of a Monarch from an egg to an adult butterfly. We will send you an email every few days with pictures of your butterfly in its different life stages, this is a very simple and FUN learning experience. Great for small children and adults too. If you are a teacher this is a teriffic class lesson...just print the emails and pages for your class or have each child sign up for their own personalized experience.

Science Fair Projects, Experiments and Ideas

Monarchs make outstanding Science Fair subjects with many possible topics for study.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Life Cycle - Complete Analysis: You can watch and document the whole evolution in under 30 days.
  • Reproductive Habits
  • Food Sources: Always Chooses Milkweed for its young. Why?
  • Migratory Patterns Throughout North America
  • Diapause - Study of Monarch Hibernation
  • Affects of Climate On Monarchs
  • Affects of Different Light Sources
  • Why Do Monarch Caterpillars Molt?
  • Why Do Almost all the Chrysalis Hatch On the Same Day?
  • Can Monarchs Tell Time?
  • Can Monarchs Hear? Where Are Their Ears?
  • Can Monarchs Smell and From What Distance?
  • Genetic Comparison of Similarities and Slight Differences.
  • How Can Monarchs Fly?
  • Complete Metamorphosis From One Creature To Another, Which You Can Watch!
  • Microscopic Study of Scales on Wings
  • What gives it the Trademark Red, White, Black Red and Orange Colors?
  • How Does it Protect Itself?
  • How Can The Caterpillars Eat Milkweed?
  • How Many Eggs Survive in the Wild?
  • Is Captive Breeding Good For Threatened Animals?
  • What Kills Monarchs? Pests, Loss of Habitat, Pesticides, Pollution.
  • Why Did 70% Freeze to Death This Year In Mexico?
  • Conservation of Natural Habitat
  • Growth of Milkweed Under Different Light, Temperature and Fertilizer Conditions.
  • How Many Leaves Does a Caterpillar Eat?
  • How Can Monarchs Usually Protect Themselves From Up to 15 Degrees Below Freezing Temperature

We give discounts for educators and always include Free seeds for all. Call us today and get your kids thinking, acting and helping our environment in a fun and gentle way.

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Butterfly Picture Contest: We appreciate the pictures, drawings and letters you send to us and would like to display them on our site. To encourage more artistic creations we are offering a reward for the best in each age range. Just send in your drawings or butterfly crafts and you will be entered in our Caterpillar Kit Giveaway. Click here to see some of our thousands of letters and get more information on the contest...Anyone can enter...Everyone is a winner!

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