Nature Heals....Miracles Happen.

We have given many Monarchs as get-well gifts and to persons in hospitals suffering from illnesses. In every case they have been most appreciated and truly inspiring. Replacing the common gift of flowers which die with a Monarch that will fly is a most welcome change for all.

One special story comes to mind: As a part of our community involvement, we gave a Monarch chrysalis on a silk flower to a woman suffering from several forms of cancer. She was bed ridden and had not been in good spirits. On the third morning the Monarch emerged and slowly spread its wings. She was so moved by the experienced, alone she pulled herself out of bed to hold the butterfly and brought it outside to fly free. She was so completely focused on the small creature she forgot about her pain. Her family and her physicians were quite amazed by her ability to move from her bed to care for the butterfly and surprised by her sudden new focus and much more positive outlook.

Stories about butterflies and special healing moments are quite common. They have been messengers to the heavens for milleniums with good reason. Take a moment to think about how such a natural experience could be a gift.

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Monarchs Are Miracles.

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