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Live monarch butterfly you can raise and release Free milkweed seeds

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For FREE Milkweed seeds without ordering CLICK HERE - Toll free # for paying orders only.

We are unable to directly ship Monarch Butterfly EGGS, CATERPILLARS, or PUPAE West of the Rockie Mountains due to Aphis regulations and our permit restrictions. While we usually have partner Breeders in CA to assist they occassionally experience shortages. We will arrange the shipment of Adult Butterflies when available and directly ship all other items.

We always check local weather and shipping details carefully. Our first concern is the safety of the live creatures and plants. Rough postal delivery can significantly affect the health of your caterpillars so overnight is advised on all live material orders to ensure the best results. We only ship healthy materials but can not insure against improper handling. We guarantee at least 1 out of every two pupae emerges as a perfect Monarch Butterfly. Any loss greater than this will be reshipped once at our expense as available.

Monarch Chrysalis (Pupa)- Soon To Emerge Butterflies

Place the number you want in the boxes below.  Butterflies will emerge in the morning 2-5 days after their safe arrival, please make sure they are safe. We guarantee that they arrive in perfect order.
Live 2 Chrysalis Monarch Gift Box Set
$14.00 each set       
Requested Opening Date :
Comes with two Live Chrysalis to attach to its Terra-cotta Pot and Silk Flower Perch, Compressed Peat Soil pellet, Complete Care and Growing Instructions and FREE Milkweed Seeds. View contents of the Gift Box click here.
When sending sets to multiple different destinations please type details in the "special details" white box near the bottom of this page.
Single Monarch Chrysalis mounted on tagged thread, all you have to do is hang it and wait for the miracle. Comes with complete care instructions and free seeds. No silk flower perch.
$6.00 to $7.00 each depending on quantity - Call for larger quantities not listed
Requested butterfly emergence / eclosure date within 1-2 days usual.

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