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This is the links page for our 30 Day Adopt a Butterfly Program

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Below are all the links that let you see your Egg become a Caterpillar, then a Pupa and finally a beautiful Monarch Butterfly.

This is a free program that will give you professional insight and knowledge.

Plenty of really great pictures and detailed information so you will be an expert too!

Special awards, prizes and discounts for your particapation!

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The egg is being laid.

Day 3 Tiny caterpillar has hatched.

Day 6 Hungry Caterpillar expolres its world.

Day 9 watch out for dangers.

Day 12 Hungry for Milkweed.

Day 15 Really hungry and growing fast.

Day 18 and making a "J".

Day 22 Pupae dance.

Day 26 hanging around.

Day 30 It happened I am a Butterfly.


Please tell your friends about this excellent program and plant some milkweed for the Monarchs!

Note to participants: Due to the time required to fully document the life of any butterfly from egg to adult this experience has portions that are personalized and information that is repeated for all participants. This is the true story of a lucky caterpillar that made it to become a healthy adult. The materials provided are free of charge and may be used for educational and entertainment purposes and only. No reproduction or commercial use of this material is allowed unless specifically authorized by LMF. The purpose of this program is to fully educate and motivate people to be aware and to take action for the world in which we live. We hope to plant a seed in your mind that may grow into a lifelong commitment to protecting the Miracles of Nature and our home the Earth. Please enjoy this program and take a moment to plant a seed for the future. Thank you.

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